A Few Tips for Enhancing Instruction Through Technology

Tuesday, 11. September 2012

I presented a few ideas to a mix of Seattle Pacific University faculty at the Autumn retreat at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island. The presentation shows simple to complex techniques for enhancing pedagogy through technology, such as collaborative learning with cloud computing and traditional desktop publishing methods. Some of my favorite ideas include the less than $100 online class, Screenr feedback, Google Drive coauthoring, and kiosk PowerPoint presentations.

According to International Society for Technology in Education, one National Education Technology Standard for Teachers is to Model Digital Age Work and Learning. This seems to suggest that students learn how to use technology to prepare them for work life as well as for enhancing learning. This is easy to do when students engage in traditional computing methods, such as using calculators, writing a paper on word processing software, and creating presentations. The meaning and relevance of this standard when cloud technologies or new technologies are used is less clear. For example, it is unlikely that students would create and maintain an electronic portfolio for work, although such a technology could be used for learning. Alternatively, personal or business web pages are useful for work, but perhaps less so for learning, unless as a container for presenting a class project.

Nevertheless, online technologies do enhance collaboration, both in the workplace and educational settings and collaboration is a critical element of human activity, regardless of context.

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